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Moon Star Love

At Moon Star Love, we present our visitors our Moon Star Love products by fusing Turkish traditional meals with local ingredients of Lopez Island, WA. 


Moon Star Love (MSL) is a food company specializing in Turkish-inspired dishes made with local ingredients grown on Lopez Island, WA. Our goal is to offer the unique flavors and the warmth of traditional Turkish foods while supporting our local farmers and economy.


MSL offers a variety of Turkish dishes, including pides, such as sucuk pide and cheese pide, pastry items, such as petite meat pizzas, petite cheesy pizzas and chocolate croissants, boreks, such as meat tubes, cheese tubes and potato tubes boreks, lahmacuns, and desserts, such as mixed baklavas with pistachios, walnuts, chocolates. Our food are prepared for you using our local ingredients, such as fresh produce, beef and lamb meats. Customers also have the option to purchase ready-made meal kits and spices for home cooking.


The niche for MSL is twofold. First, we are fusing Turkish traditional meals with local ingredients and flavors, offering customers a unique and authentic culinary experience. Second, we are committed to supporting local farmers, businesses and the economy of our beautiful Lopez Island, WA.


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