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Kiki's Parade

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Technicolor brilliant Art prints and cards from original art. Imagined cat creatures made from upcycled textiles and clay. Sustainable patchwork homewares including poufs, kitchen accessories, and also wool felted cat toys.

Kiki's Parade is a collaboration consisting of Antonia & Juliene Gschwend. Antonia (@sketchngore) uses acrylic gouache, digital and mixed media to make vibrantly colored scenes with a melancholy twist. 

Juliene crafts the one-of-a-kind cat (and other) creatures from upcycled cloth with hand-formed clay paws, and Antonia hand paints the faces for them. We are also featuring sustainable patchwork and canvas housewares stitched from repurposed fabric, handily utilizing textile scraps from an Island costume maker as the stuffing for our poufs.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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