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Lydia Arts

Hand Thrown Pottery


Lydia's Story


I began working in ceramics in 1968 in Portland, Oregon. In 1996 my husband and I purchased land on Lopez Island and moved in 1999, not only because we loved the island but also because of the artistic environment in which I felt I could continue my pottery business.

Much of my inspiration comes from observing the natural world and I have made pottery  in shades of blue, brown, and green with designs that remind one of the oceans, landscapes, agates or leaves.  Some pieces are more abstract and are inspired by traditional and ancient themes. I like to make beautiful functional pottery that can be enjoyed in everyday living, either  as a family or entertaining friends.

I have my pottery on display at Chimera, the co-operative art gallery of Lopez Island located in the Village and summers you will also find me at the Lopez Island Farmers’ Market every Saturday. You can also visit my studio at 715 Lopez Rd. You can contact me at 360-472-0590 or


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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