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Olive Glass

Handblown glass

Our Story

Olive Glass is a collaboration by artists Lark Dalton and Corrie Haight. Started in 1984, Olive Glass has continued to create contemporary handblown glass focused on color, pattern and function. Their pieces range from delicate glass beads, to functional and matched glassware.

Throughout the years they have showed nationally as well as in France, Denmark, and Japan. Their work has been featured in Ornament, Lapidary Journal, Bead & Button, and Bead Style Magazine. They are also one of the featured artists in 'The Masters: Glass Beads', a book highlighting artists at the forefront of the glass bead movement.

Lark and Corrie create their glass work out of their hand-built studio in the woods on Lopez Island, Washington. Their hot shop is a one-of-a-kind environment filled with character, color, skill and history.

Olive Glass aims to bring the beauty of art into your everyday life. The methodical process of color, texture and patterns has allowed Lark and Corrie to express their ideals of beauty. Living through their creations is their greatest satisfaction.


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